Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about using Cliptomize? Perhaps you will find the answer right here, on our collection of the questions, we get asked the most:

Do I have to download or install anything to use Cliptomize?

No. All you need is a web browser and a steady internet connection, and you are good to go.

Is using Cliptomize absolutely free?

Absolutely. There are no hidden fees, and you can use Cliptomize as long as you would like to.

What is a clipbook?

Clipbook is what we call all the books on Cliptomize, regardless of whether they are scrapbooks, recipe collections, school projects or any of all the other things people are creating here.

How many pages can there be in a clipbook?

You can create clipbooks with up to 100 pages including the front and the back. This limit has been set to avoid data overload that would slow down using Cliptomize. How many pages you have used is always visible at the bottom of the clipbook editor.

How many images can I upload to use with my clipbooks?

As many as you would like, as long as all your albums with images does not take up more space than 100 MB. However, if needed, you can delete some of your photos to free up space. This will not have any effect on your existing clipbooks, as your images will only be deleted from your albums, not from your clipbooks.

What happens if I delete the images that I have used in a clipbook?

The images will not be deleted from your clipbook, as they are copied into it. So go ahead, delete those images you are done with.

Can I use Cliptomize on tablets or smartphones?

You can watch your own clipbooks as well as the clipbooks others have made public. However, you can only create and edit clipbooks on Mac or PC.

Why can’t I see any “Start Clipping” buttons?

This is most likely because you are using a laptop with a very small screen, or a touch-screen function. On some browsers, this will get recognized as if you were using a tablet. And even though you can view clipbooks on tablets and smartphones, you can only edit or create them on a Mac or PC. If you are using a small screen, try to maximize your browser window to provide as much space for Cliptomize as possible. If you have a touch screen function, try switching it off. Also, try using Microsoft Internet Explorer, as that has solved this issue for many users.

Will my clipbook be deleted if it is not active?

Yes, but only if you have not done anything with it for a full year. We want to make certain that there is plenty of space for all the active users and their creations. To ensure this, we delete books every month that have not been active for 12 months. If you are in doubt whether or not one of your clipbooks could be registered as inactive, there is a simple solution: Simply make certain that you open your clipbooks in the editor and save them once in a while, so 12 months do not pass by without any activity.

How do I share my clipbooks?

You can save your clipbook as Public or Private, and share them on Cliptomize, Facebook, Twitter or via email. If you choose Public, anyone can see your book on Cliptomize. If you choose Private, the only people who can view your clipbook, are those who you share the link to the clipbook with.

Do my friends have to have profiles and be logged in to view my shared clipbooks on Cliptomize?

No, you only need a profile to create and edit clipbooks. Your friends can view both Public and Private clipbooks you have shared without having a profile.

Can I share my clipbooks on my website or on my blog?

Yes, all you have to do is copy and insert the link to your clipbook. You can find the link in the editor under the “Share” button in the upper left corner.

Can I print my clipbooks or save them to my computer?

Yes. While your clipbooks will always be available online on Cliptomize, it can be downloaded to your computer as a PDF. Go to Edit mode, and you will find the Download PDF function under Save in the top left corner of the editor. Please keep in mind the PDF is generated from your online files, and is not in professional print quality. For your own use, school projects and for sharing with friends and family it will do just fine.

How do I sign up or off for the Cliptomize Newsletter?

Go to your Account Settings. Here you can check or uncheck whether you want to receive our newsletter.

What should I do if I think there is a feature that I am missing on Cliptomize?

Then we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to

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